Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Kanada uberalis

I'd like to claim that I always have my camera with me - but sadly (depending on your perspective) that is not true. The times I always regret this are -

1) At a party
2) At a wedding
3) When I see cool graffiti

Yes - graffiti. Nothing pisses me off more than seeing cool graffiti and not having a camera to snap a pic of it for later. One of my favourites has to be a piece I saw in a tunnel underneath Tennessee Street in Tallahassee - "Tri Delts Love Algebra". I'm not sure how that's insulting to the ladies of Tri Delta sorority, but hey - it's funny. Another classic line from that tunnel is "Better Than Ezra ain't better than shit".

Possibly the best ever was "Even Jesus Hates Creed". I think that whoever wrote that stole the idea from a t-shirt, but it's still quite funny - and possibly true.

"Anger is a gift" is a line from a Rage Against The Machine song, although I can't remember which one. I saw that spray painted on a wall of a library at FSU - with the A being an anarchy symbol. Whenever i'd bike past that graffiti, i'd always think about if that was true or not. Is it a gift - does it get you motivated? I get angry at situations and people - but it really does me no good. Does it motivate me to change the way I deal with them? Sure - I try some new angle, and it usually doesn't work either. Creativity is a gift. Quick thinking is a gift. Good in bed is a gift. "24" season 4 on DVD is a gift. Anger - not quite sure on that one. This past Friday was St. Patrick's Day - which explains why it took me until the following Tuesday to post again. We waited in line at the Fox and Fiddle for an hour and a half before we gave up and went to the Huether Hotel. There was no line at the Huether - we got a table big enough for a group - and they had Guinness on tap - so all in all, we couldn't complain. Sharon said she wished they had an Irish band or at least an Irish band on CD - but it was all Better Than Ezra - the irony. I'm just kidding, there was no Betta Than Ezra. There was some Kelly Clarkson though, and as good as she is - there's nothing Irish about Kelly Clarkson. For that matter, there's nothing Irish about American Idol. I broke my personal best for Guinness consumption - the record now stands at nine pints. The previous best was seven pints in 1997 with my uncle Raymond over in Greystones, Co. Wicklow. I guess you could say nine pints is my North American record and seven pints is my Irish record. If you wanted to say that. My mom is shaking her head.

The office safety inspectors just came by. They check the office one per month for any possible safety hazzards. I just told them that one guy has a pile or oily rags by his desk and another guy has built a meth lab. Meth lab jokes are funny - unless you know someone who is a meth addict, then I'd guess it's no so funny. Here's something funny - when we left the Flying Dog two Saturday's ago - some guy asked us if we had any coke. As i'm not a coke head, I told him no - but I also had to add that "...only yuppies do coke, get a fucking life..." I do my part for the war on drugs. Just say no.


Nicole said...

You're quite the humanitarian, my friend.

BTW, I know a meth head, two actually, and the meth joke are still funny.

NINE pints... nice.

Dan Mickelson said...
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Dan Mickelson said...

"Your Anger is a Gift"... from the track 'Freedom' off of the 1st Rage album.

My camera phone has come in quite handy from time to time to capture some embarassing moments... Although the Motorola SLVR & RAZR cameras really suck in lowly lit bars.

Also... that hat rocks.