Thursday, March 23, 2006

Talk and you talk

Like everyone, I sometimes question decisions that i've made in the past. It's a fucking typical thing to do - and I kick myself in the ass everytime I notice myself day dreaming off to a few days, months, years ago - thinking about how a situation might have unfolded had I ordered the fish instead of the chicken.

There's an episode of Star Trek on now where Q gives Picard a chance to change something he did in the past. Just before graduating from Starfleet Academy, Picard got into a bar fight and was stabbed through the heart - resulting in both an artifical heart being implanted and also giving him the drive that made him captain of the Enterprise.

When faced with the situation again, Picard chooses to avoid the bar fight and in turn changes his future. In the new future, he has never taken a real chance and has ended up as a junior officer. It comes down to that in facing death, Picard learned to take risks - and in never facing death, he is a total and complete fucking loser.

Now I have never faced death - save for that time my reguator fell apart at 100 feet and I forgot I had the octopus reg. I didn't freak out, I just started cursing - which doesn't sound like much underwater. My dad simply handed me his regulator who a moment, then handed me my backup reg, and we laughed about it later. I really should have remembered the backup reg - but hey, even in near death, I am absent minded.

The one time in life where I was able to change something was in university. Prior to senior year in high school, I went to a summer program at Northwestern University. It was for radio, tv, and film students - awesome program, great instructors, and the chance to experience college life before college. The only thing I regret from that time is not making more friends. I spent too much time talking on the phone to my friends back home, and not enought time socializing there. I realized that the last day when I really didn't exchange home address info with many other people there. I learned from that experience - and I remember the first night in my dorm room freshman year at FSU - I went into the hall and introduced myself to people, did a couple shots, and just generally bullshited with anyone around. If I hadn't had the chance to live the dorm life prior to college, I'm not sure how first year would have turned out.

The main decision people ask me about is my move to Canada. It's all "Don't you miss Florida?", "Don't you miss your parents?"....etc. I do miss my parents (and their stocked fridge), but I don't miss Florida - and I honestly never plan on moving back. There are plenty of great places to live in America - Florida just isn't one of them for me. It's too transient, too humid, and well - it's just Florida. Love it or leave it, right?

Here's my list of top ten places i'd live in America (no particular order):
5. Richmond, VA
4. Boston, MA
3. Tempe, AZ
2. Kihei, HI
1. Madison, WI - I lied, Madison is the #1 place in America to live.

Oh Madison - with your State Street and Halloween riots!!!! From the Hilton to Brochas to the Great Dane to the Pub. So many bars, so few hours to recover to drink again.

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