Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Walk down the runway naked

I'm not an athlete, and even if I was, I don't think drinking heavily three nights in a row is a good idea. Between that and the meals (and cheesecake), I am a complete wreck and have been for the past two days. Let's recap -

Thursday night I had wings and beer with Paul at Morty's. Morty's has the best wings in Waterloo - and quite possibly the world. Then Laurie and I went to Failte on King Street for drinks with some people from work. Some drinks? Many drinks - which lead to pizza from Fratellos and a drunken walk home.

Friday morning, we woke up late and skipped breakfast (bad idea) because we had to drive to the airport and pick up Bryan. We had lunch with Krissy at the Korean Barbque on Queen St. - an all you can eat meal that challenged my gastronomical system. Later that night, we had a couple bottles of wine and then headed down to the Irie Food Joint for a birthday party for Sarah's friend Sharifa. I met her once at a party at Sarah and Bardia's - very cool girl and she picked a great place. She might have picked it because she is Jamaican - but I won't judge her on that. We had a chicken curry roti and more chicken wings - and I had a gaggle of Red Stripes.

Still later that night we ended up at Habitat (where Krissy works) where we danced a little (after a RedBull). Finally, we made it back to Krissy's apartment where I was able to go to sleep.

Saturday morning, we woke up and went to breakfast at Dunn's. It was ok - overpriced for what it was. We then drove back to Waterloo and Bryan and I went and got more wings at Mortys. The evening plans centered around my boss Sharon's birthday at the Flying Dog. There were too many people there to list - and we also found out that Greg and Cindy are expecting their third child. I felt bad for their daughter Emma because she's only 7 months old and she's already the middle child. Didn't even have a chance. After some partying, Moli Moli was nice enough (and sober enough) to drive us to Sonny's for some late-night burgers.

Like I said - a good amount of drink and a good amount of food and I can't move that well. Of course that means i'm on the couch in front of "Project Runway" and i'm ready for bed. At 8:00pm on a Tuesday night.

Thanks everyone for a great birthday!

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bitz said...

That is quite the glass you have in front of you in that first picture. When you go drinkin' you mean business.