Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Friendly Reminder

This is a photo of my friends Rufus (on the right) and Vern (on left) eating loco moco over in Wailuku. Loco moco is a hamburger patty server over fried rice, covered with a fried egg and gravy. It's typically eaten at breakfast. Yes, this is what you have for breakfast. I've had a lot of dishes in my life that I would say almost stopped my heart - loco moco is close to the top of the list. Loco moco is another reason why Hawai'i is the best state in the union - followed by a close second Wisconsin. The badger state has brats and an amazing collection of beers - and even though it lacks an ocean, it does have Lake Menona and Lake Mendota surrounding Madison - oh, and that great lake. I don't count the great lakes - it's a long story.

I've bought a season pass to season 10 of South Park on iTunes. I feel like such an Apple whore. I own an iPod (a regular b&w one) and I'm borrowing my dad's spare iBook - but to be honest, i'm a Dell whore at heart. It is not that I have a problem with Apple (I do own the previously mentioned iPod), it's just that having one would be useless for what I do. There's no edition of Visual Studio 2005 for OS X. Last I checked, there's no SQL Server 2005 OS X. If I was a photographer or a graphic designer then sure, i'd own an Apple. I'd buy one of those fancy MacBook Pro laptops with a shit load of RAM and a fancy case with an Apple logo on it. But alas, i'm a C#/VB/SQL developer - so i'm buying another Dell. I currently own a Dell Dimension 4100 which is almost five years old. She's served me well through these past years - she even survived a small fire and the move to Canada - but time has taken it's toll.

I'm actually looking at one of their Inspiron 6400 with that funky Intel Core Duo processor. Shopping doesn't come easy for me - I suffer from post cognitive dissonance, more commonly known as buyer's remorse. I learned that the term post cognitive dissonance from my girlfriend. I don't know why, but it sounds very sexy when she says that. I'm a weird guy.

Mahalo for reading this and have a great day.

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