Thursday, April 06, 2006

Got a problem

Normally the O.C. would be making me mad. It is Thursday night and Seth is acting like a fucking idiot and Micha Barton keeps complaining, blah blah blah. To be honest, i'm not even watching this episode. I was cleaning upstairs and took a short photo album looking break. There are photos from the last couple weddings i've been to and it reminds me of one thing that annoys the shit out of me - people who don't make a small attempt to dress up for a wedding.

- Seriously, does it take that much effort to put on a tie?
- Do you own a pair of pants that fits and aren't hanging off your ass?
- Do you own a pair of pants that aren't jeans?
- Do you own a dress other than the dress you wore to prom fifteen years ago?

It's not like you have to drop $1450 on a Hugo Boss suit - i'm not saying that at all. Even a shirt and tie and slacks is great - and it shows that you took a moment to make yourself look nice on whoever's "special" day. I've been to a couple weddings were the invitation specified "black tie" or "formal" and people showed up with untucked shirts and jeans. If there was such a thing as a wedding bouncer, i'm sure they'd be in big demand. Weddings should be a like a club - dress code enforced.

Ok - Seth didn't get into Brown, so he lies to Summer and says he just doesn't want to go and then she breaks up with him. Now Sadie is breaking up with Angry Ryan because she feels she'll be a dead weight on him at university. Now she's walking alone down the beach - really safe lady. Oh, why do I watch this show? It's Peter Gallagher's eyebrows - they're very hypnotizing. Now Peter Gallagher has just pissed off his wife - it's not a good day for the guys of the O.C. Summer is tearing up a collage she made - uh oh, this is serious. Of course Micha Barton has to have a pink Berkley hoodie. I'm so judgemental of fictional characters.

Anyway - i've gotten off subject. Dress nicely for special occasions, that's all i'm saying. Can anyone lend me $1450 for a Hugo Boss suit?

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