Sunday, April 02, 2006

something spooks the heard

I thought it was 9:30, but it's 10:30. Daily savings time has snuck up on me again - even though i've heard "spring forward, fall back" over a thousand times in the last week.

I'm still recovering from the Elmira Maple Syrup Festival. I had two giant pancakes and a bbq chicken leg. If you're wondering what chicken legs have to do with maple syrup, well then join the club. We got to Elmira around 9am and the falafel, pita, gyros, sausage, chicken strip, funnel cakes, and fudge stands were already open for business and doing a busy trade. As we walked down the streets, I couldn't help but wonder what would possess someone to eat a spicy Italian sausage covered in onions at 9am. Well - I quickly found out. The 1/4 mile line to get pancakes is what would cause someone to give up on delicious, syrupy pancakes and just wait in line for 2 minutes to get a maple burger with cheddar cheese and fried onions. The giant pancake line did not deter us from our goal - and a oddly quick twenty minutes later, we were enjoying our pancakes in a 45 degree light rain storm.

After downing a coffee and chocolate milk, we made our way back to the main festival area in search of more food. I had earlier seen some people setting up chicken in a giant smoker. It smelled amazingly good, so I made my way around the varying booths until I found where the chicken was being sold. $3 dollars for a chicken leg - fantastic, and damn delicious if I may say. Laurie decided on the back bacon on a bun with onions - an equally good choice. After that, our arteries started to clog, so we decided to head back to Waterloo.

Later, after naps and oddly - more food - Laurie, Krissy, and I went out to McMullens and Ethel's for a couple drinks. We could have walked back, but owing to consumption and the cold weather - we called a cab.

Thanks to daylight savings - we've lost an hour of sleep. I'm wide awake, i've done two loads of laundry - i'm posting - it's not even noon yet. There was talk of making waffles this morning, but the people who would make the waffles are still sleeping. So here I am, no waffles, clean clothes and watching "Alien Planet" on the Discovery Channel.

I'm off to Home Depot. See you (and my money) later.

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bitz said...

dude, next time those who can make waffles make waffles, bribe them to make an extra big batch... then freeze them. Then toast 'em next time the wafflechefs decide to sleep in. It is like eggos only way better.