Friday, June 30, 2006

Bananas, son, bananas

Also - check out this guys photos of buildings around Kitchener and Waterloo.

Monday, June 26, 2006

Tabreek Migam!

That's my poor attempt at writing "congratulations to you" in Persian. Well, it's not in Persian obviously, since Persian uses a totally different alphabet. You get the point.

Or do you? Oh, that's right - you have no idea what i'm talking about. Our friends Sarah and Bardia got married on Saturday and Barida is originally from Iran, so Laurie and I asked Eisa (the one guy from Iran who works at our company) how to say "congratulations" in Persian so that we could say that to Bardia's parents. It was a good plan....except for the fact that I don't think they expected to hear a blonde girl speaking Persian. Who's the thought that counts.

Here is a link to the pics.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Computer says no

Good morning.

I'm too sleepy to be witty - last night was Bardia's bachelor party and I went to bed at 5am. I woke up at 7:00am - not for any reason, I just did - and I layed on Sarah and Bardia's couch for an hour and a half drinking Gatorade and reading old issues of US Weekly.

Due to the rules of gentlemenhood (?), I can not divulge much, if any, of what happened last night - other than to say I feel dirty. I need a shower, and quite possibly a skin peel. I've never had a skin peel, i'm not even sure if that's what it is called - just go with it.

Earlier in the day, I met up with Laurie's sister Krissy for lunch at Tortilla Flats on Queen Street. I had their curry chicken buritto - it wasn't the most curry-flavoured dish i've ever had, but then again, why would I order curry chicken anything at a tex-mex joint? The margaritas were decent and service was awesome.

Dinner was at Canyon Creek Chophouse. I had the filet and a baked potato - it was quality. Then we went somewhere else, and then we went to this Miami-style lounge called C-Lounge on Wellington. I felt like a celebrity, we had a little private booth thing - very nice planning on the night, thanks to Bardia's brother Pouya. During our time there, we were clawed on by members of a bachelorette party - which once again goes to prove my point.

What point?

I was best man for my friend John's wedding last year. His then bride-to-be informed me that, under no circumstances, were we allowed to take him to the a strip club. In her opinion, a man should have no desire to go to a strip club. If he did, it meant that he must not be attracted to the woman - and going to a strip club could lead to him going home with the stripper. Now, if you're not a complete moron, you would know that the chance of picking up a stripper at a strip club is about 1 in 1,000,000,000 - and usually the stripper is a meth addict. I'm not saying this from experience, it's just part of my theory. Anyway - my theory (that i'm taking forever to get to) is that a guy is way more likely to pick up (or get picked up) in a regular bar - which is where we took John. At the bar we went too, many women spoke to John - and i've got to be honest, if he wanted to try - he could have gotten some numbers. He's a good kid, and he wouldn't do that (although in hindsight, he should have - which is another story).

So last night, at this C-Louge place, my theory was proved again. At the adult establishment that we may or may not have visited, no strippers really spoke to us. That's fine, because honestly I was watching the third period of game six and Edmonton was up 2-0 and they scored two more times and now we're going to game seven. If Edmonton wins, I win the office hockey pool and will be crowned the Greatest Canadian (even though i'm from Ireland and Florida).

Anyway - then we went to the C-Lounge place - and as I mentioned earlier, many of our party were attacked by rabid bachelorettes. So my advice to all you brides-to-be out there is to let your man go to a strip club, and everything will be ok. That is unless the strip club is next to a meth lab.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

My first time was very special

I was getting ready to avoid going to the gym yesterday when Russ called. "What are you doing?" he asked.

"I'm going to go the gym" I lied.

"Skip the gym, come to a Blue Jays game".

Having never been to a Blue Jays game before, I said why the hell not. Russ, Kevin (Russ's fiance's brother), and Rick pulled up and I was promptly informed to grab a red shirt.

As I went upstaris to grab a red shirt, I started to wonder why we'd need red shirts for a Blue Jays game. It turns out Rick had gotten the tickets from Monica who works at Canadian Blood Services. Yesterday was National Blood Donor Day and Kevin and Rick (who work at Rogers Television) had been doing a shoot at a donation center. Monica was being interviewed for the piece, and last night the CBS were having a special night at the Rogers Center for the National Blood Donor Day - hence the free tickets.

The game was awesome - and the Skydome, er, I mean Rogers Center is pretty damn impressive.

Here is the link to photos.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

The Cleavland of Asia

Ritchie has a new post up at Khansella. One word - Fungolia.

Monday, June 12, 2006

There were some goats

On June 3rd, I appeared as a guest on CKCO's "The Final Round". Thanks to the magic of Google Video, you can now enjoy me making an ass of myself even if you don't live in CKCO's viewing area.


Thursday, June 01, 2006

I got five on it

I have never worn this much makeup in my entire life.

That is one of those statements you make, and then before your lips can close, you realize that a statement like that is very open ended. Do I mean that i've never worn make up before? Or, do I mean that i've worn make up before and just never that amount? Do I like to add a little eye liner to bring out the brown in my eyes?

Let me clarify this - I've not worn makeup before, not that there's anything wrong with a man wearing makeup. Actually, my skin tone has never looked more even. I'm kind of sad I washed it off now. The makeup lady (this will be explained in the next paragraph) said that her husband asks her to touch him up sometimes. She says she sees nothing wrong with men wearing makeup. I can agree - but she is biased, because she is a makeup artist and half the population (other than on-air personalities) does not currently need her services. Still - fantastic job.

So. Today I taped an episode of "The Final Round" on CKCO - our local CTV affiliate. The show is a four person debate on five current events - mostly national and international and it's hosted by Brent Hanson. I don't want to spoil the topics of the show for everyone - it's airs this Saturday at 6:30pm on CKCO. For those of you not in the area, i'm going to try and get it up on or something.

I think the taping went really well. I got caught up in my tounge a couple times, but managed to make a save and get my opinion out. There are four guests - all from around the area. Most are usually on because of an event or something. Today, there was myself, Alison (a personal trainer), Ed (a radio dj), and Angela (she's running for Waterloo council). Angela and Ed have been on before - you could really tell by the way they handled themselves when taping. This was my and Alison's first time - I think we both did ok. They played back some clips and the main thing I noticed is how freaking over-animated I am. Is that how people see me? I don't even realized i'm making half the hand gestures I am.

Here's the weird coincedence of the week (but not so weird, because this is Waterloo). As we're getting to know each other prior to the taping, we all discuss what we do, where we work, etc... It turns out that Alison the personal trainer is my friend (and ex-manager) Sharon's personal trainer. Waterloo is a small town. She even lives around the corner from Cara who lives around the corner from Susen who lives a couple streets away from me. This is all like a five block radius. Anyway. It's not so weird I guess.

Show is on SATURDAY!