Thursday, June 01, 2006

I got five on it

I have never worn this much makeup in my entire life.

That is one of those statements you make, and then before your lips can close, you realize that a statement like that is very open ended. Do I mean that i've never worn make up before? Or, do I mean that i've worn make up before and just never that amount? Do I like to add a little eye liner to bring out the brown in my eyes?

Let me clarify this - I've not worn makeup before, not that there's anything wrong with a man wearing makeup. Actually, my skin tone has never looked more even. I'm kind of sad I washed it off now. The makeup lady (this will be explained in the next paragraph) said that her husband asks her to touch him up sometimes. She says she sees nothing wrong with men wearing makeup. I can agree - but she is biased, because she is a makeup artist and half the population (other than on-air personalities) does not currently need her services. Still - fantastic job.

So. Today I taped an episode of "The Final Round" on CKCO - our local CTV affiliate. The show is a four person debate on five current events - mostly national and international and it's hosted by Brent Hanson. I don't want to spoil the topics of the show for everyone - it's airs this Saturday at 6:30pm on CKCO. For those of you not in the area, i'm going to try and get it up on or something.

I think the taping went really well. I got caught up in my tounge a couple times, but managed to make a save and get my opinion out. There are four guests - all from around the area. Most are usually on because of an event or something. Today, there was myself, Alison (a personal trainer), Ed (a radio dj), and Angela (she's running for Waterloo council). Angela and Ed have been on before - you could really tell by the way they handled themselves when taping. This was my and Alison's first time - I think we both did ok. They played back some clips and the main thing I noticed is how freaking over-animated I am. Is that how people see me? I don't even realized i'm making half the hand gestures I am.

Here's the weird coincedence of the week (but not so weird, because this is Waterloo). As we're getting to know each other prior to the taping, we all discuss what we do, where we work, etc... It turns out that Alison the personal trainer is my friend (and ex-manager) Sharon's personal trainer. Waterloo is a small town. She even lives around the corner from Cara who lives around the corner from Susen who lives a couple streets away from me. This is all like a five block radius. Anyway. It's not so weird I guess.

Show is on SATURDAY!

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Nicole said...

Super impressive, A-lex. You should probably go answer the phone, I think Chris Matthews is calling!