Monday, June 26, 2006

Tabreek Migam!

That's my poor attempt at writing "congratulations to you" in Persian. Well, it's not in Persian obviously, since Persian uses a totally different alphabet. You get the point.

Or do you? Oh, that's right - you have no idea what i'm talking about. Our friends Sarah and Bardia got married on Saturday and Barida is originally from Iran, so Laurie and I asked Eisa (the one guy from Iran who works at our company) how to say "congratulations" in Persian so that we could say that to Bardia's parents. It was a good plan....except for the fact that I don't think they expected to hear a blonde girl speaking Persian. Who's the thought that counts.

Here is a link to the pics.


Nicole said...

Are you wearing a Cuban flag lapel pin?!

Alex said...

Yeah, because there was a stain on my suit jacket and the only other pin I head was Che Guvera, so I figured, hey - I should go with the Cuban flag. Lenker pointed out earlier today that it is an odd choice considering i'm an Irish guy who lives in Canada.

Nicole said...

Yeah, and Irisamericanadian at an Iranian wedding, no less, with a Cuban flag - I was trying to see the connection. Mystery solved - you're a slob :-)

Alex said...

I am a slob. I have no idea what the stain is - but it's probably been on that jacket since 1999. I need a new suit.