Friday, July 14, 2006


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My brother is a Peace Corps volunteer in Mongolia. Everytime I call him, he's in a bar or a club or at a party. Ritchie has an amazing knack for finding a party to go to - it's an amazing gift - and I'm truly jealous of it. Not that i'm a party slouch or something - I do have low grade narcolepsy, but i'm still a partier. He just puts me to shame.

I could shame him now by telling the story of how an Indian dinner didn't agree with him and we had to miss a frosh-week party in Madison, but that would just be mean.

Here's a link to his Flickr page.


I'm on the phone with my brother right now. He's at a store buying beer, and then going over to a friend's apartment for a party. I'm really the pot calling the kettle black when I make comments about his partying habits. But who are you to judge me?!?!?

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Nicole said...

The guy manages to find (and be photgraphed in) a sombrero in Mongolia... choice cut.