Monday, August 28, 2006

Billy, get out!

Here's another example of why Florida is the worst state in the Union - Katherine Harris. I'm sure she's a very nice person, but how can an elected legislator say something like "If you're not electing Christians, then in essence you are going to legislate sin..."?

Seriously, that's the exact quote given to the Florida Baptist Witness, the weekly journal of the Florida Baptist State Convention. This woman led the effort to end the 2000 recap, she has accepted illegal campaign contributions from defense contractors, and on top of that - her own party has come out and declared that she can't win the upcoming election.

Then again, this is Florida - and you really can't expect that much. Once again, Florida - great place to visit, would never want to live there. Again.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

What's Your Beer Personality?

Somehow, i'm Samuel Adams

You're fairly easy to please when it comes to beer - as long as it's not too cheap.
You tend to change favorite beers frequently, and you're the type most likely to take a "beers of the world" tour.
When you get drunk, you're fearless. You lose all your inhibitions.
You're just as likely to party with a group of strangers as you are to wake up in a very foreign place.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Short order cook

I'm back from a week's vacation in Pointe Clark, Ontario where we spent the week doing nothing but reading books and drinking wine - and I would go back in a second. I don't think there is such a thing as a bad vacation. Maybe if you got that bug on a cruise ship that makes you shit yourself, that would be a bad vacation - but then again - the cruise line would either refund your money or give you a voucher for another crusie (a bacteria free cruise hopefully), and in the end - it would work out in your favour. Hell, you'd probably loose a couple pounds too - so where do you go wrong?

Let me get back to the topic. I read the LOST tie-in book "Bad Twin" and Augusten Burroughs '"Dry" - a memoir about going through rehab (which is always odd to read as you down a margarita). "Bad Twin" was actually really good for what it was. I wasn't expecting much - but it delivered suspense and gave some clues to LOST - awesome, because I'm a LOST fanatic.

"Dry" is another great book by Augusten Burroughs - the authoer of "Running With Scissors". The guys has had a seriously fucked up life, and of course that makes for interesting reading. In this memoir, he recounts his days working at a New York ad agency and being forced into rehab by his work partner. Unlike A&E's "Intervention", which really just go for shock value of the intervention - this book really shows what's going on in his mind as the weeks of rehab go by and he begins to change his lifestyle in order to keep sober. Totally great read - go pick it up.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006


I was driving to work and I noticed that gas at Petro Canada was $1.10 a liter. That's about $4.18 a gallon. Seriously. If you live in America, you're probably thinking "My god - that's freaking expensive for a gallon of gas..." and, well - it is freaking expensive for a gallon of gas. What's worse is that it's even more freaking expensive for a liter of gas than we're used to. When I moved to Waterloo a little over two years ago - a liter of gas was $0.74. Two years and a $0.40 increase - not the worst on Earth, but still.

When interviewed, Oil company execs will say the price of gas is going up simply due to an increase in demand and not enough increase in production. The blame on the lack of production is often attributed to environmentalists - who work to block the construction of new oil refineries and drilling in the environmentally sensitive areas like the Gulf of Mexico.

It sounds like it makes sense - but then there is some bullshitting going on here. Please explain to me how demand can rise so much in 12 hours that last night gas was $1.02 a liter and now is $1.10 a liter. In the last three months, gas prices have gone up and down quicker than a manic depressive with an endless supply of coke and valium. $0.98 in the morning and then $1.07 at lunch - in the same day?

It's such a futile thing to complain about. Even now, when I see a liter for $1.02 - I think to myself what a great deal that is. In three months, $1.02 has become the new "cheap gas" - while in Decemeber, $0.95 was the "cheap gas". In all likely hood - $1.10 will be my new marker for when to fill up the tank. Or maybe i'll start riding my bike and see if that helps bring demand down.

Update - gas is now $1.14 a liter.