Monday, September 11, 2006

Bad Ideas

I like to believe you can learn a lesson everyday. Yesterday, I learned that putting a block of knives on the bottom shelf of a kitchen island is not a good idea when there are three children under the age of 3 running around your kitchen. Thankfully, a smart parent pointed that out to me and I quickly moved the block of knives up to the top of the island.

Lesson learned.

We hosted the Fighting Pints year end BBQ at our house - damn good turnout if I do say so myself....and thankfully most of the food was eaten. There was a considerably large surplus left over from our team fees, so we were able to buy enough food to feed a small militia. I also managed not to burn anything (a lesson learned from New Year's Eve Eve) and no one left with any injuries - all in all, a successful BBQ - Fighting Pints style.


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