Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Hurry up and wait

Got to Toronto.

Had drinks at the Royal York. No celebrity sightings.

Walked around Queen Street West. No celebrity sightings.

Had dinner at Xacutti. No celebrity sightings. Delicious food. Let's just call it even so far.

My Blackberry has died and i've forgotten my charger so i'm trying to download the Blackberry desktop software so I can use my laptop to charge it. Of course that would require getting my laptop on the internet, which isn't going so well. Now i'm running around trying to get the software downloaded on someone else's PC and then use my digital camera to move the file over. I'm like McGyver, but without explosions or suspense or a mullet.

It's raining outside, which is weak, because I have to walk ten blocks to the Royal York and I have no umbrella. Hopefully it'll let up. Anyway - off to charge the Berry.

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