Thursday, September 21, 2006

Long Walk

While I was doing laundry, I missed the season 3 start of "The Office" on NBC. I'm not really upset by this, because I've decided to give up television. Again.

Television is my "cigarettes". I've given it up before. Sometimes for months at a time.....but then i'll have a couple drinks with friends, and before you know it - i'm watching "Friends" on TBS and drooling as I wait for reruns of "The Family Guy" to come on. Then it turns out that it's not "Family Guy" night, it's "Everybody Loves Ramond" night - and well, I just never liked Raymond that much.

Now i've given up television again - but there's a problem. "LOST" starts in two weeks. I'll say to myself "It's ok Alex - just one show won't hurt. You deserve it - you've had a hard day at the office developing mobile applications for the direct store delivery market..."

You get the will just sneak up on me like a tiger. Rarrrrr. Khansella is pissing himself laughing at that right now.

So i'm checking out iTunes, looking for some good songs, and somehow I end up browsing through someone's playlist of freestyle classics. Freestyle is a musical genre that developed out of Miami in the early 80's and still is on the radio is most major markets - including Toronto. Two odd stories - I actually saw TKA live in a club in Fort Lauderdale once....but I have no idea what songs are theirs.

The better story is this....

I was in Bozeman, Montana on a gig a couple years back. The customer was an Anheuser-Busch and Miller distributor. Now this is strange, because typically, AB distributors only distribute AB products. Sometimes they'll distribute partner brands, or in the old days Corona or Heineken - but never products of another big 3 brewer. So the gig is going well, and on the last days of live training, the drivers invite me out to a the Crystal Bar for some well deserved after work beverages.

We're on the rooftop patio and the drivers in the AB uniforms are drinking Miller Lite and the drivers in the Miller uniforms are drinking Bud Light. In my business, you drink what the customer makes - so in this situation, I was already confused. Confused, and scared because I had no idea what to order - I never want to offend anyone. I settled on switching between the two, and the night went a lot smoother after that.

Eventually, the patio became more and more crowded as the kids from Montana State came trickling in. A group sat at the table next to (more like on) us, and we struck up a conversation. There were two girls, both brunettes, and four or five guys. I asked one girl her name....

"Lisa..." she answered. One of the drivers asked the other girl her name and girl #2 also answered " name is Lisa too."

Now here is where I thought I was witty....

(to the group of guys at their table) "...and who are you, the Cult Jam and Full Force?"


Apparently, they had never heard of the 1980's latin freestyle group "Lisa Lisa and the Cult Jam". They hadn't even heard of Full Force, who stared in a couple films with Kid N'Play for crying out loud. Who hasn't seen "House Party" at least once?

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Nicole said...

A whiticism only a thirty-something can appreciate, I guess.