Sunday, September 10, 2006


I'm not the biggest sports fan on Earth - not by a long shot. I'm not the biggest sports player either, but I do like college football - mainly because I was brainwashed into liking it during the four years I spent at Florida State.

With that being said, let's review where my three favourite teams stand after yesterday.

Florida State vs. Troy - FSU comes back and wins 24 to 17. Not bad, not bad - and two wins makes a winning streak, so we're off to a good season so far.

Arizona State vs. LSU - The Sun Devils lost 45 - 3. That looks like a Cardinals score.

Wisconsin vs. Western Illinois - The Badgers win, 34 - 10. I wish the Badgers played Syracuse (the nearest university to me), so I could go watch a game. I also wish they would bring some brats and cheese curds with them.

OK, enough of my excellent, in-depth sports reporting.

Today is the Fighting Pints BBQ. I have to mow the lawn, but I have absolutely no motivation to do it. It's 9:30 on a Sunday morning. I'm not even sure why I'm up this early. This is insanity.

I've found that as the weather gets colder, I start going to bed earlier and getting up earlier. This past week, I've been getting to work at 7am. It's nice to be there when it's quiet and get some work done, but all the same - I'd rather sleep in a little later. I wonder if my body thinks it needs to hibernate at night, but then in the morning - it realizes that it's not a bear, it's a human and humans don't hibernate - so it wakes itself up. That is kind of existential, isn't it?

Happy 27th Birthday to my brother Khansella too!!! He has birthday picks posted at his site.

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