Monday, October 23, 2006

Dinner at Loblaws

We saw "The Killers" perform on Friday night at The Kool Haus in Toronto. The only place to eat near the Kool Haus is a Loblaws supermarket. Fancy dinner and a show! Ok - on to the concert. First - awesome performance. The band sounded better live than on CD - which is damn impressive. I honestly hadn't listened to their new album "Sam's Town" too many times - but hearing it live made me run home and throw it on. Their set consisted of two new songs, then two old songs, and so on. They didn't play "Andy, you're a star" which is my favourite song of theirs - but hey, what can you do? When they played "Mr. Brightside", I felt like I was in an episode of "The O.C." - which was scary because I kept thinking Micha Barton was lurking around the stage. Chills.

Last night was the third night of hockey school. The coach says I finally got the crossovers down - which is great news because I thought I was still screwing that up. I fell down a lot - which is good - because if i'm falling, that means i'm trying really hard.

Falling down = trying hard? Go figure.


Nicole said...

I saw the Killers in Califonia a couple years ago for $12. Good show. I have heard that sometimes they suck and sometimes, they blow the roof off. I'm glad you saw them blow... wait, I mean blow in a good way, like a blow job... wait, I mean blow job as in blow roofies off.. wait, not that kind of roofies... oh nevermind.

jrkinsella said...

"All these things that I've done" is the best song on their first album.