Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Soured your sheeps milk

The trailer for season six of 24 dropped today - i'm probably the 1,000,000,000,000th person to post a link. That's the power of the internet - inundating you with the same twenty of so links every day. I have to say, as much as I love 24 - i'm not sure how I feel about the season coming up. From what I can tell, some terrorists are making threats and the only way they'll stop is if they get to kill Jack Bauer. For some reason, the Chinese buy into this and send Jack back to the states (he was on a slow boat to Bejing at the end of last season). I think Jack mentions sacrificing himself at least three times in the promo. Isn't that what he does every season? He is the ultimate team player. If he worked in an office, he'd be the guy who'd always make sure the water bottle was changed. He would fill the paper towel dispenser with towels when it was empty. Sure, in the fictional world of 24 - Jack takes a beating at the hands of a random bad guy every season. Jack in the office world would replace the toner in the copier - and check that the letter paper tray was full.

Everyone who's ever worked in an office can relate to being under appreciated at some time in their career. It sucks - but most of the time, it's just one person in the office who doesn't get what you do, and well - you really don't care anyways. Jack goes through this on a much larger scale. His coworkers have occasionally shot at him, gave him up to the bad guys, and hit him up for a coffee when they were short on change. Yes, the world of CTU is just like your office, except they have video phones. Video phones are creepy anyways - and they always seem to have their cameras pointing up your nose. In retrospect, your office is probably better.

On a completely different note - i'm excited because I got rid of my phone and DSL service and went with Rogers Home Phone and cable internet. It's much faster and cheaper and in only a way i'd appreciate, the cable modem is way cooler looking than the DSL modem. Geek. Geek.

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Nicole said...

We have video phones and yes, they're creepy.

Where I work:
3: Number of people who know what I do
314: Number who do not know what I do.
296: Number of people who think they know what I do and probably think they could do it better.
11: Times I've been threatened behind my back
4: Times I've been threatened to my face
1: Times I been shot at.
1: Times I've been shot.