Monday, November 27, 2006

Isn't that the game old ladies play?

Jetsetters Lounge
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We just got back from Jetsetters Lounge in Lake Worth where I stuffed myself with 24 oz mai tais and Jamaican jerk pork. Mai tais? Hell yell mai tais - they remind me of Hawai'i and luaus and for $7 a drink with a take home tiki mug....well, you can't go wrong.

My parents have been hitting up this joint since for a couple months now, and after their glowing reviews, I had to make it a pit stop on my stomach filling tour of my old stomping grounds. Lake Worth is definitely the Snow White to the wicked sister that is West Palm - if you're planning on ever being in the area, check out all downtown Lake Worth has to offer - it is a much better scene than West Palm. Sure, i'm selling out my former home town, but what they charge an arm and a leg for parking - so tough.

Anyway, back to Jetsetters. The theme is tiki meets James Bond meets 60s/70s post modernism....and with that, i've done this place no justice at all. Entree and app options are from all over the globe. Portions are huge and the service is rocking. It was, honestly, one of the best dining out experiences i've had in a long, long, long, long time. As mentioned before, I had the Jamaican jerk pork. My mom had the same, my dad had the Pollo Barcelona and Laurie had the Bayou Bowl gumbo. For apps, we tried the Cuban Cigars - basically they are Cuban spiced pork egg rolls. I'd recommend any of these items. They were out of the African Peanut Soup - which sucks because this is only the second restaurant i've seen this item at - and it's one of my all time favourite soups.

This is my first review - so work with me here on this...

Jetsetters Lounge
8 3/4 on a scale of 10 (1 being a bowl of shit, 10 being that scene from "Defending Your Life" where you can eat everything you want and not gain any weight and everything tastes great.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Shorten your punches

Blue Moon
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This Thanksgiving, i'm down in West Palm Beach with Laurie and my parents. I've eaten too much left over turkey and chicken curry today and now I feel like I should go for a run or something, but that won't happen. It's a holiday weekend - a little indulgence doesn't hurt. Anyway - speaking of indulgence - I put down a 12 pack of Blue Moon last night. I only bring this up, because I noticed something on the bottle that angered me. As some are aware, Blue Moon is one of my favourite beers. Sadly, the LCBO and The Beer Store don't carry it - and that means the only way for me to get some is to drive to Buffalo and spend 48 hours there so that I can meet Customs Canada requirements for bringing alcohol into Canada. I don't have a problem with this - it just would be easier if I could get some down the street. Where is all this going? Well - look at the bottle, it is brewed in Toronto! Yes. The same Toronto that is a 45 minute drive east from my house. This makes me mad at Molson Coors - for I am in West Palm and can easily get a 12 pack of beer that is brewed 45 minutes from my house in Waterloo - but I can't get that same exact 12 pack of beer in the brand new LCBO that is a 10 minute WALK from my house in Waterloo. What is going on here Molson Coors. They will be getting a letter from me next week - and while I feel the need to lash out, I will manage to contain my anger and write professionally. Maybe my pleas will fall on deaf ears. Maybe I will touch them deeply with my witty prose (what witty prose? hopefully nothing like this crap). I'll keep everyone updated on my progress with this.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

We love to fly and it shows

In what I can say is the strangest bit of airline news in a while; US Airways has made a shock bid to buy my beloved Delta Airlines. According to this post from Ben Mutzabaugh over at USA Today, the offer was a total surprise to Delta, and it's actually a good offer - like 25% over the current trading price of Delta's unsecured credit claims - or something like that. I have no idea what they're talking about in the financial part of this - all I wonder is what happens to my frequent flyer miles? Good news - they want to fly under the name Delta - so I don't need to get new luggage tags or replace my "I (Heart) Delta) t-shirt that I wear all the time.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Good joke, eh?

We're going to see a taping of the Rick Mercer Report at the CBC in Toronto this Friday. Rick Mercer is the Jon Stewart of Canada, or if I was to say that as a Canadian; "Jon Stewart is the Rick Mercer of the States". The Mercer Report website has clips from each show - go check them out and post a comment if you need me to explain what the hell he's talking about (or aboot).

I offer this service because, even though the U.S. and Canada share the largest unsecured border in the world, there are so many pop culture and political references that our two great nations don't share. For example, on tonight's episode of "This Hour Has 22 Minutes", there was a clip of Alberta's (that's a province) outgoing prime minister (governor) Ralph Klein made a joke at some roast or something - and he said "...Belinda Stronach doesn't have a conservative bone in her body...well maybe one (audience laughter)....speaking of Peter McKay...". Now most of you will have no idea what the hell that means or why it's funny. Well, it is probably not funny.

Anyway - Belinda Stronach is a member of parliment here in Canada. She was once a member of the conservative party - but switched parties and joined the liberal party a couple years ago. She happened to be dating another member of parliment at that time, and I guess the story is she dumped him and the conservative party at the same time. Now, if you don't know that back story - well, the comment isn't funny.

But that's why i'm excited. Not because Raplh Klein says outrageous stuff - but because I understand Canadian political humor. I know the backstories and history and I can watch shows like the Mercer Report and This Hour Has 22 Minutes and actually get what they're talking about. I'm also excited because I got the joke tonight about how Justin Trudeau will host any event Ben Mulrooney won't host. It's funny, eh?

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Loco Moco

In a continuation of fine culinary tradition, Maziere has made it to Maui and got himself a helping of loco moco. I also like how Vern and Maziere managed to turn their glasses to show the Coca-Cola logo. Awesome product placement. Very awesome product placement.

Sure, it's unhealthy - but it is delicious! Not fergalicious, just regular delicious. Has anyone noticed that "Fergalicious" is a complete rip-off of JJ Fad's "Supersonic"?

Lara and I are going to spend Friday drinking and scanning in Polaroids. Polaroids? Yes. My mom got me a Polaroid camera a couple years ago. I just bring it to parties and leave it on a table with some packs of film and let people take photos. I have about 300 hundred shots from the last five years. They're from all kinds of parties, from house warmings to wakes and everything in between.

Here's a scanned Polaroid from a couple weeks ago. It almost looks 1970's.

See, totally 1970's. That is Lara's brother Pablo from Ottawa. He is a ladies man.

Anyway - more to come over on the Flickr.


My brother looks my uncle Raymond. I wonder if i'll end up looking like Santa Claus. Wait, Santa Claus isn't Irish - he's Dutch or something.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Stay out of the penalty box

I love fajitas. Canada is not know for their fajitas (or anything else tex-mex for that matter). Thankfully, neccessity is the mother of invention and i've become quite the amature tex-mex chef. Tex-mex and Cuban....although my Cuban cuisine is made up of chicken with black beans and yellow rice. Let's get back to tex-mex.

We made fajitas for Lara tonight - and damn, where they ever good. I'm sitting here watching "HEROS" and basking in a post fajita and couple glasses of wine afterglow. Ah, good old fajita and wine induced afterglow.

One thing that's always freaking me about Canadian television is how they show U.S. shows on Global and CH (networks here) - but they don't show U.S. commericals. So during the SuperBowl - no good commercials, just the boring game. The good thing is, they seem to show most of the shows at different times than U.S. networks, so if you miss a show - you can always catch it later. Then again, there's not a hell of a lot out there to watch.

So i'm watching "HEROS" and it's a damn good show - although I secretly wish it would only last a year. For example, I really like LOST - but this season is kind of wack. Maybe it will be like that one season of "The Sopranos" were no one died until the very end when Tony killed Joey Pants after Joey set a stable fire that killed Tony's horse.

Anyway - back to "HEROS".

It's the best ever

Here's a tip. Skip the risotto. I'm not saying that has anything to do with the fact that the tip of my knuckle is missing and the cheese grater is in the sink. There two have nothing to do with each other.....just look over there for a minute.

Ok. All better. So, how was your weekend? Me? How nice of you for asking. Friday night, we held a charity poker tournament to raise money for a friend of our's sister who has to travel for medical treatment. It's a horrible story - the kind of situation that makes you feel like shit for being angry at your mom for when there wasn't any milk that one Tuesday, sixteen years ago, when you wanted a bowl of cookie crisp, really, really, really bad.

We raised over $1400.00 - which is not bad for one night of poker. If you're saying prayers at any point during the day, drop a line for Catherina. Nicole, saying a prayer during confession for what you did this weekend counts, just thought you'd like to know.

Last night was hockey school - where I was finally able to skate backwards. After last Sunday's tap dancing fiasco - where I have to say, I really did look like Savion Glover on speed, I made a pledge to myself to watch all the hockey I could and see how they moved their feet to achieve this "backwards" momentum thing. Turns out, you gotta stay on your toes. So last night, Matt the coach runs us through this exercise of going forward to the blue line, then turning around and go backwards, and then at the next blue line, go forwards again - and I was able to do it. Three people came up to me and said how much better i've gotten since the first night. This is good and bad. Good because i'm improving, and that was the whole plan. It's bad because they noticed how bad I was when I started.