Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Loco Moco

In a continuation of fine culinary tradition, Maziere has made it to Maui and got himself a helping of loco moco. I also like how Vern and Maziere managed to turn their glasses to show the Coca-Cola logo. Awesome product placement. Very awesome product placement.

Sure, it's unhealthy - but it is delicious! Not fergalicious, just regular delicious. Has anyone noticed that "Fergalicious" is a complete rip-off of JJ Fad's "Supersonic"?

Lara and I are going to spend Friday drinking and scanning in Polaroids. Polaroids? Yes. My mom got me a Polaroid camera a couple years ago. I just bring it to parties and leave it on a table with some packs of film and let people take photos. I have about 300 hundred shots from the last five years. They're from all kinds of parties, from house warmings to wakes and everything in between.

Here's a scanned Polaroid from a couple weeks ago. It almost looks 1970's.

See, totally 1970's. That is Lara's brother Pablo from Ottawa. He is a ladies man.

Anyway - more to come over on the Flickr.

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Nicole said...

Only one thing missing from Vern and Maziere - the standard Hawaiian shirt.

Pablo... wise to the way of the woman. And thanks, it's not often you hear "Pablo" and "Ottawa" in the same sentence and it was kinda refreshing.