Monday, November 06, 2006

Stay out of the penalty box

I love fajitas. Canada is not know for their fajitas (or anything else tex-mex for that matter). Thankfully, neccessity is the mother of invention and i've become quite the amature tex-mex chef. Tex-mex and Cuban....although my Cuban cuisine is made up of chicken with black beans and yellow rice. Let's get back to tex-mex.

We made fajitas for Lara tonight - and damn, where they ever good. I'm sitting here watching "HEROS" and basking in a post fajita and couple glasses of wine afterglow. Ah, good old fajita and wine induced afterglow.

One thing that's always freaking me about Canadian television is how they show U.S. shows on Global and CH (networks here) - but they don't show U.S. commericals. So during the SuperBowl - no good commercials, just the boring game. The good thing is, they seem to show most of the shows at different times than U.S. networks, so if you miss a show - you can always catch it later. Then again, there's not a hell of a lot out there to watch.

So i'm watching "HEROS" and it's a damn good show - although I secretly wish it would only last a year. For example, I really like LOST - but this season is kind of wack. Maybe it will be like that one season of "The Sopranos" were no one died until the very end when Tony killed Joey Pants after Joey set a stable fire that killed Tony's horse.

Anyway - back to "HEROS".

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