Monday, December 11, 2006

You don't have to go home, but you can't stay here

My friend (and soon to be first time published author) Katie has a blog on the topics of writing and her dog named after the Winston Zeddemore character from "Ghostbusters".

That last part about the dog's name may not be true, but I like to think it is. The dog may be named after Sir Winston Churchill. However, seeing that neither Katie nor her husband are British (as far as I know), I don't see why they would do that. I could just ask her. I think Winston is a good dog name because dogs shouldn't have people names. What if you wanted to name your baby "Francis" or something, and then your neighbour names their dog "Francis". You can't use that name now, because what if your baby and their dog get out at the same time and start running/crawling down the street. Which one will answer? They'll both be confused. It's messed. Anyway, check out her blog whenever you get a chance.

The photo to the right is from the evite to this year's New Years Eve Eve party which will be held on, of all nights, December 30th. Leave a comment if you'd like an evite. Who doesn't love evites?

This will be year two, which I think qualifies NYEE (as the cool kids call it) an official annual tradition. We picked December 30th for three reasons;

1) Abundance of available cabs
2) A plethora of babysitters
3) New Years Eve Eve is no where near the psychological and emotional let-down, skull fuck that New Years Eve tends to be.

You may say, "Wow man, that's harsh". Harsh? Yes. True? Yes. Seriously. I'm not even going to count the New Years Eves from 1976 through 1990 as I was only 0 through 14 at the time and who can have a good time on New Years at that age? Well, there was this one year when my brother and I watched comedy specials on HBO, and we were able to hear the comedians tell jokes with curse words and it was fantastic. To this day, just shout "look at my wingspan, I can destroy you all" or "Trevor, Trevor, take us with you - we're all Christians" to my brother and he will piss himself.

Anyway - so 1990 through 2003. They were all crap. There was one time where my family went to see "The Amazing Jonathan" at the Comedy Corner, that was cool - but other than that - garbage. Then in 2004 - I had my best New Years ever in Cleggen on the west coast of Ireland. We spent the night at a pub called Olivers - ringing in the New Year in the middle of nowhere. It was also the night of the following phone call, which took place at 12:10am Ireland time;

Alex: "Hi."
Marian: "Hey Alex, where are you?"
Alex: "I'm in the future."
Marian: "Ooo, what's the future like?"
Alex: "It's all pastels and jet packs."

That was a good time. But really, save for those few good times - the rest of the nights are spent with people you'd probably want to avoid any other night. You get drunk and make resolutions you won't keep, and then you wake up around noon and not one thing in your life is different. Wow, that is harsh. I need to go have some eggnog.

That's why I like the 30th. I'm a "nothing risked, nothing gained" kind of guy - and that's what makes the 30th awesome. You're taking a risk by going to a party on the 30th and, well, hmmm.....ok, you're right - there is no risk there. But, it is still a good party, so whatever.

If you can't make New Years Eve Eve in Waterloo, you should throw your own.

That's all.


Nicole said...

On the 30th, I'll be at another favorite spot of yours - Mill Ave in Tempe. Yea!

Katie said...

Okay, first things first: it's Rock Creek's Winston Churchill. Chris came up with the name (this makes Chris sound nerdy, but here it is) because Winston's coloring is called Blenheim, and Winston Churchill was born in Blenheim Palace. Although every other Cavalier you meet is named Winston, so maybe I should tell people it's from Ghostbusters.

I'm a big fan of low expectations. I've had a lot of non-memorable New Yearses, too. There was the one where I saw that James Bond movie with Matt Jablin, there was the one where my dad pepper-sprayed himself, there was the one where I was with my grandparents, so I went to sleep at 10... etc. But this could be my year to start fresh and make 12-30 the awesomest night of the year. I'll think about it.

Monstu said...

I found you blog entry based on a Google search for "Look at my wingspan I will destroy you". Imagine my surprise when I read your post and found that you seemed to be telling my story. You see, I too was born in 1976 and didn't find anything interesting about NYE until one year my little brother (and older sister) and I got to stay up and watch some comedians telling jokes with swear words. Similarly, "Look at my wingspan" jokes are still used in my group of friends, along with something about "torso man" and speeding in a Porsche. Then to my utter amazement, I read the beginning of your post (I had started in the middle) and found that I too have a friend with a dog named Winston, but in this case it is official that it was after the Ghostbusters character (CKC registered name Winston Zeddemore Your Honor). It is all a bit improbable, don’t you think?

Well the real reason for this rambling comment is to ask if you by any chance recall the name of the comedian who used the wingspan joke or perhaps the name of the program so that I can find out his name. I would be eternally grateful because, as you know, it has been a very long time since it was aired and I would just love to see it again.

Have fun at your NYEE party, I would try to crash it but the cab fare form California might be a bit high.

Alex said...

That is the weirdest set of coincidences I've ever heard of. Anyway - the comedian who made the torso man jokes is Richard Jeni. I'm not sure if he's the one who said "look at my wingspan", but it was definitely on the same HBO special. Not sure where you could find out what is was called though.

Katie said...


Alex said...

Right back at ya!