Tuesday, January 30, 2007

I generally encourage belligerence

We just got in last night from Panama....here are some photos, but I have way more than these.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Vamos a Panamá

Si, es verdada. In a little less than twenty four hours, we'll be on our way to sunny Panama City for Heather and Ken's wedding. Just to be clear, we're talking about Panama City, Panama - not Panama City, Florida. Also - I am singing the Van Halen song constantly, thanks for asking. I'm not even the biggest Van Halen fan - so this is kind of weird. I feel like listening to Guns-n-Roses "Appetite for Destruction" just to clear my head.

To be honest, I have no what idea what Panama is like. I've been reading wikipedia articles on the nation - and it seems like we're all missing out on a damn cool place to go. I hear people talk about Costa Rica all the time - it's where Heather and Ken originally looked at - but the prices there are nuts. I'll be taking a ridiculously large amount of photographs over the next couple days, check back for a link to Flickr later.

I've got to get my gear packed (must remember underwear). Have a great week.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Aren't much better, but better

Politics as usual? Well, in the U.S., sure - but as newbie in Canada I'm constantly amazed at the differences between our politicians. One example from tonight was newly elected Liberal party leader Stephan Dion's appearance on "The Rick Mercer Report". At one point in his life, Dion was a Quebec seperatist, he even ran for office for the seperatist party. Now he's a federalist - and Mercer asked what changed this. Dion told a story how he went door to door campaigning, and at one house - the man of the house invited him in. The man's wife poured them some rum and cokes, and they spent the night talking politics. After three hours, Dion left and "....I was a federalist and I never drank rum and coke again."

Personally, I love the fact that politicians here have the freedom to tell a story like that. In the States, he'd be labled a "flip-flopper" or something else idiotic. People can change their views over time and aren't pigeon-holded into one set of beliefs for the rest of their careers. I'm trying to find a clip of the interview to post.

Anyway. Today marks my seven year anniversary of working for the same company. I believe this officially qualifies me as having a career - which is amazing because I am a software development team lead, while my university degree is a B.S. (ironic, isn't it) in Russian and Eastern European Studies. Anyway - happy anniversary to me, great job man, great job.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

How many fillet o'fishes did you eat

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The holiday season has come and gone. We've escaped with our lives and house intact, save for some minor liver damage and a broken shower curtain rod. Our second annual New Years Eve Eve party was a rocking time (in my humble opinion). In an odd way, I'm glad people don't RSVP to it, because then we have surprise guests. Here's a link to the photos from New Years Eve Eve and News Years Eve at Lara's house.

Happy New Year!!!!