Tuesday, January 02, 2007

How many fillet o'fishes did you eat

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The holiday season has come and gone. We've escaped with our lives and house intact, save for some minor liver damage and a broken shower curtain rod. Our second annual New Years Eve Eve party was a rocking time (in my humble opinion). In an odd way, I'm glad people don't RSVP to it, because then we have surprise guests. Here's a link to the photos from New Years Eve Eve and News Years Eve at Lara's house.

Happy New Year!!!!


Katie said...

When is the Canadian New Year? Do you have special parades where you carry around intricate paper beavers and timberwolves and dance in the streets to Alanis Morrisette music?

Alex said...

Our New Years is the same date as the U.S. New Years....you were close on the beaver thing - although we actually make giant paper mache beavers similar to the Chinese and their dragons.

Nicole said...

I dig the guy in green. More than my love for the color green is my love for a guy who can pull off such a bold choice. Kudos, guy in green, I salute you! (Unless of course it was purchased by a wife/girlfriend/boyfriend/mom and in that case, I salute her/him!)