Sunday, January 21, 2007

Vamos a Panamá

Si, es verdada. In a little less than twenty four hours, we'll be on our way to sunny Panama City for Heather and Ken's wedding. Just to be clear, we're talking about Panama City, Panama - not Panama City, Florida. Also - I am singing the Van Halen song constantly, thanks for asking. I'm not even the biggest Van Halen fan - so this is kind of weird. I feel like listening to Guns-n-Roses "Appetite for Destruction" just to clear my head.

To be honest, I have no what idea what Panama is like. I've been reading wikipedia articles on the nation - and it seems like we're all missing out on a damn cool place to go. I hear people talk about Costa Rica all the time - it's where Heather and Ken originally looked at - but the prices there are nuts. I'll be taking a ridiculously large amount of photographs over the next couple days, check back for a link to Flickr later.

I've got to get my gear packed (must remember underwear). Have a great week.


Katie said...

Adios, Alejandro!

Nicole said...

When I was in Costa Rica, I met a couple who got married there because the prices in Ireland were nuts. Everything is relative, I guess.