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Being that it is a dictionary

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There's an updated gallery of Heather and Ken's wedding photos from Panama. I'm prone to go a little overboard with the photo taking - especially after I've had a couple drinks. Combine a 1 gigabyte SD card, my Panasonic FX03, and an endless supply of pina coladas, banana daiquiris, and a concoction called a "Tropical Decameron" - I ended up with over 400 shots. I've trimmed the gallery down to 169 of the better (and less incriminating) shots from the week. There's also a small gallery from our time at the adult only pool, Palo Alto, with the swim up bar, or as it is affectionately known - The Adult Pool. We brought one water-proof disposable camera with us, but we ended up clicking it out in one day. Thankfully, we had an extra, regular disposable camera - that for some reason was wrapped in a package that looked like denim. Seriously. I'm still not sure why they did that. Anyway, I found that any camera can be brought in the pool as long as you keep it above your head.

Every time we'd go to the Adult Pool and order a drink - the bartender would double the order. If you asked for two daiquiris, he'd respond " Quatro." Four beers was always " Ocho cervezas." Needless to say, he was our favourite bartender.

Here's a brief breakdown of the entire trip. I cannot stress enough how awesome the Royal Decameron Beach Resort is. If you're looking for a vacation idea, then for the love of whatever supernatural being you believe in, take a look at this place.

Flew to Panama. Landed on the wrong runway. Our plane clipped the tail of a parked cargo plane. Pilot got out, looked at the other plane - got back into the cockpit and taxied away. We tried to get him to at least leave his number on a piece of paper under the cargo plane's windshield wiper. Luggage claim was nuts - most of our bags were randomly placed in two large piles that were on opposite sides of the conveyor belt. Finally found bags, got resort info and made our way to a couple of buses. Cold Panamanian beer was waiting for us. Two hour bus ride to the resort - stopped at a cool restaurant for more beer ($1 Coronas) and some local grub. Arrived at resort - check in process was extremely quick. They also served tropical punch with rum during the process, which helps. Dropped off our carry on bag at the room - very spacious. Met up with the rest of the group for dinner at the buffet restaurant "Pacifico". Forget what we had, but we never had a bad meal at any place there - so we'll just go with that for the rest of the review. After dinner, went to the first bar on the beach. Someone suggested sambuca shots to honour our surviving a plane crash (see above). Somehow made it back to the room. Some people ended up taking a head dive into bushes on the way home - so the bar ended up with the nickname "Header's". We ended up there every night for the rest of the trip.

Got up early and went to orientation. Learned that we should not use our beach towels to reserve chairs on the beach. Later, read some of the book I bought in the airport - "A Year In The Merde" by Stephen Clarke. It's a good read. Put on a generous supply of SP30 and headed to the beach. Had a couple pineapple daiquiris. Booked an excursion to a house boat on Gatun Lake for Wednesday. Went back to the pool. Had a couple beers. Went to dinner at the buffet "Atlantis". Ended up at "Header's" again.

Woke up early for the excursion. Two hour bus ride. Stopped at a Super Xtra grocery store to get bananas for the monkeys we'd be seeing. Met with our captain, a guy from Texas who spoke Spanish really well. Took a ride in a cool speed boat through Gatun Lake. Made some pit stops to feed bananas to monkeys. They were the same breed of monkeys from "Outbreak". Didn't let that freak me out, but we didn't feed the monkeys either. Had an awesome lunch on the house boat. Took a canoe to a waterfall. Another two hour ride back to the resort. Met up for dinner. Had a couple drinks at "Header's".

Josh wore the shortest shorts he could find. Went to play golf with Paul, Steve, Josh and Dean. The golf course almost didn't let Josh play - was able to convince them otherwise. I shot about 10 over par. 10 over par on EACH HOLE. Went back to the resort. Changed for the wedding on the water front. Wedding ceremony was awesome (we also learned about Panamanian laws...long story). Reception was outside next to a pool. Fantastic food and drink. Danced a little. People jumped in the pool. Took a fierce photo. Danced some more. Ended up at "Header's".

Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Spent each day either at the pool or on the beach. Played giant chess with Sandra and Troy's kids. Didn't learn my lesson two times at the Adult Pool. There were some stitches involved once. Went to Manuel Noriega's bombed out house on the beach. Jumped in the pool myself one night. Went to a little restaurant off the resort called Pipa's. Had a three lobster tails, jumbo shrimp and rice for $25 dollars. Also - beers were only $1. Generally enjoyed myself too much.

As I said before - Panama is an awesome country, and you should go. When it comes to writing travel reviews, I just get to the point I guess.

Viva Panama!

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Good synopsis but I am quite shocked you didn't go on about the food you ate... that's usually your dish. (pun intended)