Wednesday, May 09, 2007


In all my years, I've only owned three pets - a hamster named Penfold, a cat named Snowball (which, yes, I know is really, really, really cliche), and a beagle named Snickers. Forgetting the cat and hamster, I've always thought that I was a 100% "dog person". I thought this until I came across the website - I Can Has Cheezburger.

Cat people are weird - and that weirdness is perfectly illustrated on this website. People upload "cat macros" or "lolcats with macros for your convenience" to the site to share with other cat lovers. The whole idea is to put poorly constructed sentences, sometimes Engrish sounding phrases on phot0s of cute cats. There is also a thread of walruses looking for their buckets - I'm not really sure about how that fits in with this whole internet phenomenon, and I really don't want to question it.

I've decided that if I did get a cat, I want one that looks like the one above. Every time I see that photo, I can't help but feel better about the world. That doesn't say much about my mental state, but hey - what can you do, eh?

Last night, we booked our honeymoon to fabulous Las Vegas! I know that most people probably wouldn't pick Vegas for a honeymoon spot - but we've already been to The Royal Decameron in Panama this year, which was technically "honeymoon-ish". WestJet has awesome packages on right now - we're going to stay at the MGM Grand and see a Cirqe de Soli show gamble away the kid's college funds. That means I can bet a total of, let me check the account, ah - we can gamble with about $3.50.