Monday, July 02, 2007

Brand New Stuff

Mitch Hedberg once said "I have so much tarter, I don't have to dip my fish sticks in shit". The only reason I bring that up is because 102.1 "The Edge" has played that same clip twice now during their "Mitch Hedberg Moment". There are so many other good moments to play, I'm not sure why they keep playing that one. Also, Hedberg has been dead for two years now, so why start plugging his material now?

Anyway, speaking of good moments, you might have read in "US Weekly", "In Touch", "Life and Style" or "People" that I got married last month. I try to keep my personal life out of the tabloids, but those son'bitches just don't quit. Fucking telephoto lens. Speaking of camera (what is with the segues), there are some links at the bottom of this post to some photo galleries of the event of the year.

I really need to drop some names of people who made the wedding rock -

  1. My parents and Laurie's parents for all their help, patience, laughter, hard work, and generous financial contributions.

  2. The entire bridal party who took care of an awesome pub crawl, bacherlorette party, and wedding day drink fetching.

  3. Bardia Bina for planning an awesome bachelor party in Toronto!

  4. Greg A. for throwing an equally fantastic night in Waterloo!!

  5. Jenn Haus for baking the most awesome wedding cake ever. Banana and chocolate icing is the best combo ever!

  6. Sandy MacDonald and his band for rocking the hell out of Grey Silo.

  7. Emily Dempster and the other two musicians whose names escape me at the moment. If it wasn't for the fact that I have no tear ducts (or emotions), your music could make me cry.

  8. Doris and the entire Bingemans and Grey Silo staff for making the night fly by without one problem. It has been a month and people are still talking about the meal. You all out did yourselves 1000 times over.

  9. The cart girls at Grey Silo for convincing my Canadian hating friend John that Canada has something to offer besides nationalized health care and ketchup chips.

  10. Everyone is came in from out of town/province/state/country to party with us.

  11. My brother for finally turning the "how are you successful" question into something funny for his toast.

  12. Bryan for telling me I never had a shot. Also, for almost getting taken down by a 50 year old. Good times, good times. :) Finally, for putting up with my nonsense - especially the 8:45pm camera shopping trip so I'd finally shut up.

  13. Keith from Energy Limo for giving us an awesome price for the Coors Light limo. Yes, I said Coors Light limo. Nothing screams class like having the Coors Light limo at your wedding.
  14. Dean and Erin of Calvin Photography for capturing an astonishing number of great photographs.
  15. Don Perron for marrying us.
  16. Laurie's mom, my mom, Aunt Ann and Uncle Wayne for decorating the Timber Room - amazing job!
  17. Michelle for somehow getting into every single photo that night.
  18. Everyone for coming out and celebrating with us!
  19. Laurie for marrying me (cheesy, but true)!!

...and now for some photo galleries...

Khansella's gallery
My photos
Bryan's gallery

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