Sunday, July 29, 2007

The fan is not oscilating

My brother John has posted three new entries over at his blog about life in Mongolia. Judging by

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his posts, life in Mongolia seems to revolve around wearing a funny outfit, going to modern looking night clubs, and then inexplicably going tubing down a river the next day. I admit - I am jealous of his lifestyle. I am, however, quite angry with two things. First, he is by far a better writer than I am. Better than I will ever be. Second, the only "style" that I could call my own was my awesome ability to take drunken self portraits. Now, my brother has chosen to start doing these and I am left with nothing. That was my thing man - my thing! What now? Thanks. Merry Christmas to you too.

Anyway - I learned something tonight. Do not eat Taco Bell before playing hockey. You will feel sick the entire time (hello heartburn) and your burps will smell freaking terrible.

I spent the weekend reading Harry Potter books. I'm not really a huge Potter fan (I prefer the spirited adventures of The Baby Sitter's Club - but that's neither here nor there. I want to read The Deathly Hollows, but my wife says I should read the other books first. This is what happens when you get married, your wife makes you read the first books in the series before trying to read the last one. In two days, I managed to complete "The Prisoner of Azkaban" and get half way through "The Goblet of Fire". One thing I noticed - the "Goblet of Fire" book has way more in it then the movie had. Hopefully I can finish it this week and get on to the "The Order of the Phoenix", which probably has nothing to do with going to see a Cardinals game.

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