Monday, July 23, 2007

I wonder if they have pudding?

As tradition dictates, we received an awesome Cuisinart coffee maker as a wedding present. Previous to the Cuisinart, we had a Wal-Mart no name coffee maker. It worked well, until the coffee pot was knocked out of the coffee maker and onto someone's head (who will remain nameless) and then onto the floor. Upon meeting the floor, the coffee pot was seperated into a thousand pieces. Some of these pieces continue to make their presence known by imbeding themselves in my foot on a, thankfully, not too regular basis.

Anyway - last night I decideded that it was time to try and replicate the "Foldger's" commericals and find out if the best part of waking up was really Foldger's in my cup. Sadly, I had bought Maxwell House coffee instead of Foldger's - so my house is now a Maxwell house. I followed the instructions and set the Cuisinart's auto-on function to start brewing coffee and precisily 6:31 am. I always set my alarms for odd numbers - never 7:00 am, always 7:01 am. There is no logical reason for this.

I wake up this morning, have a quick shower, get dressed, and then walk down the stairs. As I get to the kitchen - the inviting smell of freshly brewed coffee greets me. I quickly grabbed the paper from the front porch and then proceed to pour myself a cup. While it is was no coffee house coffee, it was still decently delicious. I read the paper, drank my coffee and then took off for work.

Around ten minutes into my fifteen minute drive, I started to get heartburn. "Heartburn? How can I get heartburn from coffee. That only happens when I don't eat..." BREAKFAST. In all the excitement over making coffee, I had completely forgotten to eat breakfast.

Holy shit, that is the lamest story ever. EVER. I am wired now though.

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Katie Alender said...

Having coffee ready in the morning is about the only thing that gets me out of bed. And then there are those horrible mornings where you realize you didn't hit "delay brew", and you're standing there like a zombie and there's no coffee to wake you from your zombie-like state.

Very sad.