Thursday, July 05, 2007

Where do I start with this ignorant cow?

A few months ago, I walked into a Starbucks and ordered a venti, extra hot, non-fat, no-whip cafe mocha. I then walked out of the Starbucks and kicked my own ass.

I'm mentioning this today because I was a Starbucks this morning (just ordering a coffee, I swear). There was a hipster in front of me with his girlfriend (or his beard, I couldn't tell) and he was trying to order for her, but her order was such a conveluted mind fuck of an order, that he just gave up and let her order for herself. There drink total came to over $10.00 for two drinks. What the hell did they order? All I could make out from his stutterings were the words "venti", "iced", and "extra shot" who knows. Since I don't really give a shit anyways, I didn't bother to stay around and find out what they ordered.

What I'd love to do is order a "ghetto latte". This is when you order, say a tall Americano in a venti cup, add milk from the condiment bar, and then ask the barista to microwave it for you which becomes (wait for it, wait for it) - a venti latte. How awesome (and cheap ass) is that? Some people object to it - read this Starbucks gossip page for the heartbreaking debate.

What do you think? (I think I wish I had some Baileys to put in my coffee.)

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