Friday, August 03, 2007

first the fat boys break up

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My buddy Dan Mickelson from Wisconsin just told me that the Argus in Madison is closing down and is supposedly becoming some kind of high end night club. Sad panda man, sad panda. For those who haven't been to Madison (and if not, what the hell is wrong with you?) - the Argus was one of the older pubs around. I didn't even go to university in Madison - but I did make my way around the pubs and bars there when I got the chance.

I've always felt bad about permanently borrowing glasses from places - but with the Argus closing, I feel great about it. Until someone drunkenly drops it - I will have a piece of history.

I'm not recommending going out and taking glasses - that is wrong. Do not look at this gallery of photos.


Katie Alender said...

"I didn't even go to university in Madison"

I should say not, Canada boy! You went to college in Florida!

Come now, embrace your roots!

Zhu said...

This is indeed extremely wrong and I won't do it anymore myself. Unless I really like the glass.

I found you on the expat blogs directory, dear fellow expat in Ontario ;)