Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Passport please

In scenes reminiscent of waiting for college acceptance letters, I have been checking the mail box every freaking day for a thick envelope from Immigration Canada. As many of you know (or don't know), I am in the process of applying for permanent resident status here in Canada. Today, after a little more than a year and a half, I finally got a letter saying my application had been approved and that my passport is needed so they can attach the immigration visa.

A year and a half might seem like a long time, but it falls within the 30% range according to the CIC website. Pretty good as far as I am concerned. I always remind myself that while, yes, it is a long time - imagine the wait for someone emigrating from a country you really want to get away from. Somewhere were the morning question isn't "Tim Hortons" or "Starbucks" - but which 20 mile trek has a better chance of leading to clean water. That is a little melodramatic, but sadly, it is a fact of life for millions.

I'm an immigrant twice over now, but each time it has been from one industrialized, English speaking country to another. Also, I'm not emigrating for political, religious, or some type of life saving reason. I'm doing it because I really love living in Canada. There are so many resasons besides hockey, beer, and words spelled the proper British way (even though the British own all the houses...that's another story).

I love being shocked by schools having photos of the Queen rather than the President. I love ketchup potato chips. I love pronouncing "Weber" as "Weeber". I love listening to jokes about Newfoundlanders and getting the punchlines (but I don't laugh, because that would be mean). I love hearing "Welcome home" when I pass through customs at the airport. There are a thousand of these, and even now, I'm starting to sound cheesy - so enough of this. I'm just happy and that's that.

As is customary among the ex-pat bloggers - here is a timeline of my application process.

  1. August 25, 2005 - application submitted
  2. October 2005 - corrected applications resubmitted
  3. December 20, 2005 - application accepted in Buffalo
  4. December 19, 2006 - application transferred to Detroit (Rock City)
  5. May 2007 - request for medical exam
  6. July 2007 - request for additional documents (I got married, they needed proof)
  7. July 25, 2007 - medical results received in Detroit
  8. August 7, 2007 - request for passport

...to be continued (and thanks CIC!!!)


L-girl said...


This is a great post. I'll link to it tomorrow.

West End Bound said...

Congratulations, Alex!!

My partner and I look to be about a month behind you based on your timeline.

"Welcome Home!"

loneprimate said...

"The proper British way"? You must be from Northern Ireland! :)

It's gratifying that you like Canada enough to go through all this, when, as you pointed out, you've come from two other similar countries no one is particularly needful of leaving nowadays. May you find happiness and contentment in Canada.

Alex said...

I was trying to be ironic with the comment about the proper British way. I'm proudly from the Republic - not that there's anything wrong with being from the north.

Anonymous said...

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