Thursday, August 02, 2007

plan this

Best line from a blog post detailing wedding planning tips that I've ever read -
"There's no reason to bother meeting with more and more vendors if you've found someone whose work you like and whose price fits your budget. Is it possible that someone getting married across town from us is going to have better flowers? Maybe, but our guests won't know, so we don't care. (Besides, does such a thing as "better flowers" even exist? Oh, you know what? Fuck you.) "

I totally agree with what this guy is saying. During our wedding planning, we really didn't get stressed out until the day before - and there were only two things that stressed us out. For Laurie - it was not being able to print the seating cards because the printer wasn't working. No big deal - we used a different printer. For me, it was not being able to tie my tie correctly. I wasn't trying to be a perfectionist or anything - it was just damn hot in my house (no A/C) and I was sweating. So I asked my dad to tie my tie for me. Problem solved.

Planning for us was easy. We looked at one venue - liked it, signed up. Flowers - we got them at Sobeys - saved a fortune, looked great. Our friend Sharon had a live band at her wedding. They were awesome, so we signed them up - a little more than a DJ would cost, but much more fun. As for the insanely expensive cake - we went with a girl just starting out. Cake was awesome (cake taste testing was the single greatest night of my life). Just go with your cut (and your wallet) and remember that it is supposed to be a party.

For anyone getting married - please read that article, take it to heart, and relax and enjoy throwing an awesome party. That's what the day is for and don't let anyone tell you any differently - unless they are paying for it, then they can say whatever the fuck they want to.

Also - go with open bar, you will never regret it - although some of your guests might. Them, and whoever has to clean up after them. I won't mention names, but you know who you are.

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