Saturday, September 22, 2007

I'd do anything for a klondike

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Rough month, rough month. It is nearly October already and I have barely had a chance to get used to September. The leaves are changing colour (and starting to fill my backyard). I'll say this - a wet suit is not that flattering. Just so everyone knows, the wet suit was already ripped when I put it on. My massive ab muscles did not rip it.

Anyway - today, I bought my first pair of new eye glasses in almost a decade. My current pair are scratched, dented, bent, and well - no where near the prescription I need to be able to safely operate a motor vehicle. The nice people at Iris helped me pick out a decently fashionable pair - I'll post a pick when they are done. Wow. How freaking needy is that - I'll post a pic of my new eye glasses? Weak sauce man, weak sauce.

Ok - I'm going back to watching the MTV Music Video Awards Celebrity Remix on Much Music.

Word Is Bond.

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Nicole said...

Do you have an agent? I assume with all of the endorsements you throw, you must be receiving some type of kickback.