Wednesday, October 17, 2007

I know, I saw the footage.

My backyard may be a hideout for a chupacabra. I've come to this conclusion based on two weird events that have happened recently.

Two weeks ago, I walked out to my car and found the back passenger door open. "Great," I thought to myself - someone has broken in and stolen, uh, well my spare change and some burned CD's that only have two or three songs on them because I'm too lazy to burn a complete CD. This is where we get to weird event #1 - nothing was missing. Nothing at all. Usually, if someone (or something) breaks into a car, you'd figure they'd take something. Hell, there was about $10 bucks in change (Canadian dollars are coins), so you'd figure it'd be a pretty good haul. This struck me as strange - but I thanked my good luck at the fact that no windows were broken and nothing was taken and so I went on about my business.

This past weekend, the wife, my buddy B.M., and myself spent the day recovering from Oktoberfest at Concordia Club here in Kitchener. Once I was finally able to get off the couch, I decided to go outside and bring in the empty bottles from the deck. Everything appeared normal - that is until I looked at the grill. Someone - or something - had taken all the parts out of the grill and put them in order, on top of each other - directly in front of the grill. It was as if someone (or something, sorry that is getting old) wanted to make an alter or sacrifical shrine to, well - I don't know. What makes it stranger is that there was a cooler for of beer next to it - untouched!

You might be wondering why I would jump to the conclusion that a chupacabra did these two things. I like to follow the Sherlock Holmes methodology of deduction. First, get rid of everything it couldn't be - then, what ever is left, no matter how insane, is the answer. So - it couldn't have been kids or the meth clinic people. It wasn't the squirrels - they have no aboseable thumbs. It can be only one thing - El Chupacabra!!

Thank goodness we have no goats.


Nicole said...

Alex, you did have goats... what do you think brought about the chupacabra.

Katie Alender said...

Alex, are you joking? If someone touched my grill I would sleep outside with a shotgun. Well, not really.

I'll go to the store and look for a "Sorry about your chupacabra infestation" card for you.