Monday, October 01, 2007

Where did you say you found that case?

This past Saturday, while hundreds of Canadians were taking advantage of the strong Canadian dollar, I was standing in the immigration line at Fort Erie completing my final steps of getting my Canadian permanent resident status. That is why there is a beaver holding a Canadian flag to the right. Just in case you were in wondering.

The whole process of "landing" is really quite easy. I drove up to the main gate and handed over my passport and immigration visa. The border agent, who looked young enough to be working a part time job at Jacob, was amazed that an American had a Canadian immigration visa in his passport. She filled out a form, handed it over to me, and directed us over to the immigration office.

The line was short and I only had to wait about two minutes before a just as youthful looking agent took my forms and began the process. Fifteen minutes later everything was completed and I was off. Seriously. That was it. Having never really immigrated before (save for that whole moving from Ireland thing), I was expecting a delousing and maybe even someone respelling or shortening my last name.

Now, I just have two more years before I can apply for citizenship - and then I can run for parliment and become prime minister and then you will pay, oh yes, you will pay. So vote for Kinsella!



bitz said...

Shortening of your name, oh no, we'd add a 'u'.

Nicole said...

So... you're the beaver?

Katie Alender said...

Congratulations, Mr. Knsela.