Tuesday, January 22, 2008

As God is my witness, I thought turkeys could fly

I'm starting to mess around with Visual Studio 2008 Express and the .NET Framework 3.5 at home. Really, I should kick my own ass for saying that's what I do at home. Geek. Geek. Anyway - Microsoft gives you an option of downloading an ISO image and burning a DVD of all the installers - and I've got a working DVD writer now, so I figured it was time to head on down to FutureShop and buy some blank DVDs.

For those of you in the lower 48, FutureShop is a Canadian electronics store chain - similar to BestBuy. BestBuy actually owns FutureShop - so their sales are always the same and there's really not much competition going on. There are no Circuit Citys (Cities?) here - just "The Source by Circuit City" - which used to be Radio Shacks.

So I'm there at FutureShop, looking at blank DVD-R's. I see a 25 pack of Memorex DVDs for $21.99. Two rows down - there is a 50 pack of the same Memorex DVDs for $19.99. 25 more DVDs for $2 less. I am bad at math, but I know something isn't adding up here. At the same time, a FutureShop associate was stocking some nearby shelves. I got her attention and asked about the difference in price and if there was something different between the DVDs that couldn't be seen with the naked eye.

"No, they're the same - that's just the sale price on the 50 pack." she responded.

I was still confused. "I'm not trying to start trouble or anything, but wouldn't it make sense to put the 25 pack on sale also. Who is going to buy the 25 packs if they cost more than the 50 packs?"

Now she was confused. "Well," as she thought for a couple minutes ", this is just the way they do it - it's the sale price. It's a good deal."

Yes, it is a good deal - and like anyone who passed college algebra (after three tries), I bought the 50 pack. Still - I'd like to know why. It doesn't make sense to me and it's been three days and I still can't get the thought out of my head.

Off to hopefully cleanse the thought from my psyche - for now, here is - Where are they now - stars of WKRP.

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Nicole said...

Over inventory of a particular product causes it to sit idle in warehouses, which to many people's suprise is very costly. So, it's cheaper for them to sell it at a lesser profit margin than to have it sitting in a warehouse somewhere. This also gives you some idea as to just how ridiculous the mark-up on a product like that truly is.

You do computer crap at home, I study logistics.

- Your geek in crime