Tuesday, January 08, 2008

F**king Vista Isn't That Bad

I'm a computer geek. People know this. What people might not know is that I'm also a raving luddite. This is the reason that I've eeked along with my Dell Dimension 4100 for the last seven years.

Unfortunately it recently stopped turning on, so I was forced to go to Dell and buy a new computer. "Forced" might be a strong word. We use Dell at work and their products have always been good to me, even when I have spilled a beer on them or dropped them. That being said, I decided to purchase a Dell XPS 420, which so far is an amazing (yet soul-less) machine.

Unfortunately, it came preinstalled with Windows Vista.

But why should that be unfortunate? Sure, I've only been using Vista for a day and half, but it really isn't that bad. I'm typing this, watching "Family Guy" on TV Tropolis using Windows Media Centre (I'm in Canada, it is 'Centre' here) and copying a shit load of photos from a portable drive. I think Adobe Photoshop Elements is running too.

Yes. It is running. I better go catch it.

So back to this Vista bashing. I might eat my words, but I want to give it a chance. I've read a lot on the interweb about it, and I've yet to find a positive review of it - other than from Microsoft. Maybe it will suck and I'll just load Windows XP. Then I'll have to load drivers and I'll be in this cold office all weekend instead of cleaning out the garage. Hmmmmm.....maybe this is a good weekend to load Windows XP after all.


Dan Mickelson said...

Vista, yeah, it ran smoothly on my MacBook Pro for a few days, and then I remembered I was running it on my Mac. And yes, I'm wearing Leopard pattern underwear right now, with my black turtleneck & blue jeans. All Hail Steve Jobs.

I'm really not that big of a Mac fanboy... although I might learn to program in cocoa or carbon.

Dan Mickelson said...

Oh, my Dell Dimension 4100 is still running, barely... but it does make a great footrest under my desk!

Nicole said...

Welcome back, old friend.

Nicole said...

Oh, and my Dell had a motherboard meltdown a few months ago... I still haven't replaced it.