Thursday, January 17, 2008

Hell, I like you.

It has been almost two weeks since I started using my new Dell with Microsoft Vista Premium. In the two weeks, I have had four system halts (for lack of a better explanation - the system just stopped working) and two blue screens of death. Now, to be fair - I've been trying to do a large amount of different tasks at once. I've had Media Center open, I've been importing a clip from a VCR and I've tried playing around with the Windows SideShow LCD on the case all at the same time - and well, I recommend not doing that.

Tonight, at the request of Quack, Pat, and Lenker - I learned how to import video into this thing. The first clip is a "bump" ad we made for Fazoli's. They really didn't like it and we lost their advertising contract after we aired this.

The second clip is the opening to "17 News" - the once a week news magazine we produced in college. Well, I produced it. Pat hosted it. Lenker and Quack prank called the studio.

I'll work on finding some more classic clips. There's a tape of that preacher here too. If only I had the tape of the homecoming parade or the dating show.

The XPS itself is a great machine - but I can't help feeling that it is crippled by Vista. The overhead involved with the Aero interface and the constant "System Needs Your Attention" messages really seem to bog down the overall flow of what should be an amazingly powerful beast of a machine.

I was tempted to downgrade to XP. The disc is sitting right behind me on the bookshelf between "Naked" by David Sedaris and a copy of "The Wedding MC Guide" that we never gave to the MC of our wedding.

I'm not going to do it. I'm going to stick with Vista and ride this thing out. Why? Maybe I'm into some form of Microsoft S&M? All I need to remember is - the safe word is "XP".

[Update] - Completely forgot that today is my fourth year anniversary of moving to Canada. Happy anniversary to me!

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Quack said...

Man do I miss Fazoli's. The dirt at Osceola Hall was a close 2nd.