Sunday, February 10, 2008

I don't like that blue dude.

Having been raised in the economic powerhouse that is the U.S., I was always of the opinion that people are more happy when they have more things to choose from. Take a walk down any isle in your local supermarket and you can find more than fifty different types of cereals. Personally, if it is not Peanut Butter Cap'n Crunch or some type of bran flake (hooray regularity), then I'm not interested - this is off topic though.

What I've come to believe, and what many researchers have written lately, is that choice doesn't always equal happiness. It took my almost a week to pick out my new Dell XPS 420 - and I wasn't happy doing it. Too many choices. It makes you appreciate Apple's product line up - three laptop models, two desktop models - done. I'm not considering the accessory and add-on product market - that is rat king of over thinking what you need to make your iPod listening experience better. Shit, I have three pairs of headsets for my iPod now. That could qualify me as a major asshole - if it wasn't for the fact I really like myself. Good Alex. (pets self on back)

I'm not some Communist (shhhh) who thinks everyone should wear size 9 shoes. My point is that with all this choice comes the tedium of picking something, the post cognitivie dissonance of regretting that choice and then tons and tons of waste created by the design, production, transportation and sale of the products that in the end, you probably didn't need in the first place. My advertising professor in college said "...advertising is the art of convincing you to buy something you don't want and can't afford in order to impress someone you don't care about." Apple - Do I really need to buy my wife a pink iPod nano? The answer is no - mainly because she hates pink. I don't believe in not purchasing anything - there's wackos out there who buy used underware at thrift stores to prove how anti-consumerist they are. That is nuts. We need consumerism - it is the backbone of our economy. I'm just living by buying what I need (oooooh 52" plasma) and what I can afford (oooooh need to save for vacation and not buy aforementioned television).

Review - Bud Light Chelada
Speaking of choices - this morning, I shared a can of Anheuser-Busch's "Chelada" beverage with my buddy Hranka. This 24 ounce can contains a mixture of Bud Light, Clamato (the core ingrediant in the national drink of Canada - the Caeser), salt and lime. Apparently, this is a popular beverage mixture in Mexico. I've never been to Mexico - so I can't verify this. It's popular enough in Florida to get shelf space in the Publix near my parent's house, so I decided to bring a can back to Waterloo for a taste test. Now to be fair, I've only recently started drinking caesers and Clamato, to say the least, is an aquired taste. This being said - the Bud Light Chelada is not as bad as you think it would be. The first taste is Clamato and Bud Light - with a Seven-Up, fizzy after taste. I would drink it again if offered, but for now I'll stick the straight up normal caeser.

Monday, February 04, 2008

I'm sure it happens to everyone

"What does this win mean...." has become my primary creative outlet over the last year. Even though I grew up surrounded by artists and creative people, I would never call myself an artist - unless I wanted to be pretentious - which can be more often than not. Still, as most humas do, I feel an urge to express my inner thoughts and feelings in a medium other than Microsoft PowerPoint.

Unfortunately, I've always felt that my entries here were shallow and pedestrian. Today, that point was confirmed by some Slovenian girl named Tina Puksic who described my blog as follows -

"This one is totally pop, mainstream, part of the herd….but he manages to be very interesting at times.

The silver lining to this is that my blog was listed as one of her "Favorite Expat Blogs". I did like the part about "...manages to be very interesting at times..." also. This is the kind of feedback I've been yearning for. The typical feedback I've been getting (all from my mom and the odd co-worked) has been that they really like my blog.

I appreciate it, but really - what is it that makes "you" like it? It can't be the multiple posts on how some cereals here are different. Most of the readers (that I know about) comment that they like to see how an American views life in Canada. I've never really made a decision on if that was the main topic for this thing. covers sewing and writing, covered life as a web designer in Dubai. What does "What Does This Win Mean...." cover?

The other day, my mom asked me where "What Does This Win Mean..." come from? It is a sound clip that Neil Rogers plays on his WQAM show in Miami of a Hank Goldberg and Bryan Cox interview. There's special meaning in the clip for me is Bryan Cox's reply to Hank's question - "What does this win mean to the team?". Cox responds " means we can take our heads out of our asses and start playing football the way we're capable of playing..." This isn't a football, or even a sports reference for me. This is an affirmation that if we all could take our collective heads out of our collective asses (myself included) that we could accomplish anything.