Monday, February 04, 2008

I'm sure it happens to everyone

"What does this win mean...." has become my primary creative outlet over the last year. Even though I grew up surrounded by artists and creative people, I would never call myself an artist - unless I wanted to be pretentious - which can be more often than not. Still, as most humas do, I feel an urge to express my inner thoughts and feelings in a medium other than Microsoft PowerPoint.

Unfortunately, I've always felt that my entries here were shallow and pedestrian. Today, that point was confirmed by some Slovenian girl named Tina Puksic who described my blog as follows -

"This one is totally pop, mainstream, part of the herd….but he manages to be very interesting at times.

The silver lining to this is that my blog was listed as one of her "Favorite Expat Blogs". I did like the part about "...manages to be very interesting at times..." also. This is the kind of feedback I've been yearning for. The typical feedback I've been getting (all from my mom and the odd co-worked) has been that they really like my blog.

I appreciate it, but really - what is it that makes "you" like it? It can't be the multiple posts on how some cereals here are different. Most of the readers (that I know about) comment that they like to see how an American views life in Canada. I've never really made a decision on if that was the main topic for this thing. covers sewing and writing, covered life as a web designer in Dubai. What does "What Does This Win Mean...." cover?

The other day, my mom asked me where "What Does This Win Mean..." come from? It is a sound clip that Neil Rogers plays on his WQAM show in Miami of a Hank Goldberg and Bryan Cox interview. There's special meaning in the clip for me is Bryan Cox's reply to Hank's question - "What does this win mean to the team?". Cox responds " means we can take our heads out of our asses and start playing football the way we're capable of playing..." This isn't a football, or even a sports reference for me. This is an affirmation that if we all could take our collective heads out of our collective asses (myself included) that we could accomplish anything.


Nicole said...

your first review... who were you wearing?!

Quack said...

Hey isn't Fat is Jim Maddog Mandich......awright Miami!

Janetkin said...

I'm not just saying I like your blog. This one is brilliant.

And I agree with you - I feel that way right now. Since I signed up for the Team in Training and got a trainer at Ultima - I really feel as if I finally got my head out of my ass and now I'm doing what I never thought I would or could. Thanks.

Alex said...

Seriously - it's Mandich? I feel stupid. Come over here and lay on my couch.