Thursday, April 10, 2008

...By The Pale Moon Light

A new post on Brew Blog is saying that our friends at Molson Coors are planning on releasing a new member to their "Blue Moon" line - a pale ale named appropriately enought - "Pale Moon". If you look at the label, you'll see that like it's big brother, Pale Moon is brewed in Toronto, Canada - about a 50 minute drive up the 401 from where I live.
Blue Moon, as I've ranted before, is only available in the states. In Canda, Rickards (which is part of Moslon Coors) sells a brew named "Rickards White" - which is identical in every flavour and colour to blue moon - even down to the fact you serve it with an orange slice.
I did write an angry (but sometimes comedic) letter to Molson asking why we couldn't get Blue Moon here. Maybe Rickards White was their answer to it. Now with Pale Moon - I'm starting to wonder if this renamed brand synergy is heading the opposite way. Rickards has other brews here - including Rickards Pale. Only a taste test will prove it - but I'm willing to bet that they're pretty similar.
I'm not complaining - I've got my Belgium style wheat beer and the States will get what is an amazingly good pale ale - all sides win! Still - why can't we get "Winter Moon" here?

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Katie Alender said...

Your beer-oriented passion is... bewilderingly admirable.