Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Got away from the eyes a bit

A creative writing teacher in high school once told me to carry a little notebook around so that I wouldn't forget ideas I came up with. That was great advice then, and great advice now - but of course I still forget the notebook. I've actually purchased probably over a hundred little notebooks over the years, losing them at random locations.

I remembered today that I need a new little notebook because I came up with an idea on the way to boxing, forgot it on the way home, and only (and luckily) remembered it now.

So, on to the point of this entry....

I went to an arts high school (like Fame, but without lunchtime dancing) and studied video production and writing. While I enjoyed both, video production always was my favourite. The program I was in was comprehensive, so I had to be dragged out of the editing bay every so often to attend other classes. Writing is fun - but to be honest, I'm an emotional coward and I find my writing to be missing something. You're probably wondering why I waited until three years into writing this blog, that now I admit this - but hey, I'm not perfect - I just want to be loved. ANYWAYS - I tried my hand at different types of writing - short stories, play writing, poetry (not a lot), etc... Play writing was something I had never thought of doing - but I ended up being apparently good at it. Enough that I received straight superiors at the 1993 Florida District X Thespian Festival. Straight fucking superiors man! The next spring I went to the state festival and only got straight excellents, which was bullshit.

The only reason I'm bringing this up because I've spent a couple hours a day over the last week writing an installation manual and a user's guide for a new product we have coming out at work. Not glamourous work by any stretch of the imagination. I keep thinking to mysefl "Fuck - I gotg straight superiors at the District X Thespian Festival" and here I am writing a bloody instruction manual. Damnit."

Anyway - I won't be on the NY Times Bestseller's List with these manuals, but at least I'm technically published. Hooray!

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