Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Having Arrived

I have arrived. Today, as I pulled into my driveway, my status as homeowner transcended from "I have a house where I've only hung four photos" to "Homeowner who orders giant bag of soil". Yes, I have a giant bag of soil in my driveway - courtesy of the fine folks at Greenhorizons. Just as a side note - their website is How awesome is that?

Anyway - now that I have a giant bag of soil, my neighbours know that I'm serious about putting some flowers in the flower beds. I might even buy some grass seed. Who knows? Maybe I'm planning on growing corn. I've always wanted to brew my own beer, so I could grow my own hops (where does one acquire hop seeds) and then brew some cerveza mas fina in my garage.

The sky's the limit when you have a giant bag of soil.

I cannot contain my excitement over this. My wife doesn't understand - to her it is just a bag of soil. To me, it is a statement. What that statement is, well, I have no idea.

It is so heavy, I cannot pull it from its current resting place in front of the garage. Thank goodness the garage is so full of shit that I'd never have a hoping chance in hell of actually getting a car in there. Yet another side note, I left three bags of leaves and two bags of grass clippings in the garage over the winter and the squirrels of the Squirrel Empire decided to eat or steal the bags. Now there are just three mounds of leaves and two mounds of grass clippings. I'm wondering how long I can get away without actually re-bagging them? Is there a by-law for this?

Wait, I'm losing focus - I need to get back to the giant bag of soil. Looking at the bag of soil, I can kind of understand what the monkeys in "2001 - A Space Odyssey" felt like when the monolith first appeared. They turned bones into tools and I'm going to turn that giant bag of soil into some flowers, corn, tomatos, jalapeno peppers, and a pumpkin. Watch out farmers of Ontario - there's a new kid in town.

I hope my Dell XPS 420 doesn't try to push my out an airlock.

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Anonymous said...

No hops seeds. They grow from rhizomes which can be found in lots of places on the world wide weird.