Friday, June 27, 2008

Spring Cleaning Delayed

I decided that now would be a good a time as ever to clean out my desk drawers at work. I've just moved desks and we have these rolling mini filing cabinets. For backstory purposes - when I was a consultant, I had a folder for each client. In that folder I would a Google map from the airport to customer site, a copy of the contract, notes, and then all receipts for when I was on site. Hotels, airfare, rental cars, restaurants, Starbucks, etc...

It has been almost three years since I was a full time consultant, so today is the day that I finally broke down and started to go through the folders and throw stuff out.

Not a good idea - because now I know how many times in a 3 year period that I went to -

  • Chilis
  • Starbucks (so many venti cafe mochas....)
  • Outback
  • Chipotle
  • Harveys in Mississippi (delicious sweet tea)
  • Sophie's Thai Kitchen in Davis, CA

The list goes on and on and on and get the picture. In honour of desk cleaning day - here are the top 5 coolest receipts I found -

  1. LCBO #417 (Waterloo, ON) - Jan 4 2004. Bought a bottle of wine, two Singhas, two Kingfishers, and two Baltikas.
  2. Sophie's Thai Kitchen (Davis, CA) - Nov 30, 2004. Had a Singha and a massaman chicken curry.
  3. Do-Drop-Inn (Hatrona, PA) - Feb 4, 2004. Seriously - the Do Drop Inn. Awesome!!!
  4. Tiki Lounge (Pittsuburgh, PA) - Feb 3, 2004 - I remember going there with Jason S from Lancaster. Good times.
  5. Primanti Brothers (The Strip - Pittsburgh, PA) - Feb 3, 2004. This is where we ended up. They are famous for this sandwich which consists of grilled meat, a vinegar-based cole slaw, tomato slices, and French fries between two pieces of Italian bread (thanks Wikipedia for the reminder).

Well, that is it for late spring cleaning. Have a great weekend.

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Nicole said...

You bastard!! Ok, not really - let me explain. I clicked here to leave a comment that said, "If you start again, I will too," and there you went and had a new post up. So I ask myself, does this mean I have to start mine up again based on intent? Or since I never actually said it, did I dodge the bullet? Hmm....