Monday, January 12, 2009

Spank my ass and call me Charlie

Holy cow. Nicole has reappeared in the blogsosphere. Maybe I'm jumping the gun - she hasn't posted. Yet.


Nicole said...

Am I the old farmer or the bunny - Honestly, I'm not sure which is worse?

PS: first post is up

independent individual said...

Hey there, Alex. I am the bad person who criticized your blog a few years ago. The thing is: I really meant what I said, but you also have to know that I haven't read ALL of your entries, only a few. I still read your blog nowadays and find myself amused by it. And the fact is: it is on my "favorite list". I didn't mean to criticize it in a negative way - I had to review it for my language class. (I am glad no one is reviewing my blog - that chunk of confusion and bad language). Hey, did you know that language students read your blog in order to improve their English? You are much more fun to read than Dave Monagan. :-)
Anyway, is that rabbit for real or is it the photo manipulated?